Photos |The King On Dirt Bike; My Time With Ghana’s Number 2 Stunt Guy

Kids, go to school but never allow society’s expectation hamper you from answering passion’s call.

Jake asked me if I was going to make a story out of this shoot and I told him — “let’s see how it goes”. I didn’t plan on, I just wanted to make pictures of a fella who stunts on bikes, but this pictures make me want to write something.

Dreams are expensive here; I think I made that clear. But from time some true rebels defy the rules and quite often, I’m blessed with the opportunity to share in the dream of these true African rebels. Dirt bike? Stunting? What is that and how are you going to feed off that. You better put those aside and go to school. But you know, sometimes, we don’t just do it to feed. It’s an answer to a higher calling, passion. But the bread still comes anyway.

I was told a story of a young apprentice who had a Yamaha Chappy which he used to learn stunting. This was after Jake told me a story of a stunt biker who placed 2nd at the Africa Bikers Competition in neighboring Togo. This is the same guy I’m taking pictures of on his Yamaha YZ450F; progress.

Allow me to introduce you to King Bala. Ghana’s number 2 stunt guy, a fella who believes dreams are the motivation of our spirit and working towards it is the physical way of reaching there; believe me, he works hard. Bala defies the rules; overstep society’s ridicule and stunts on the status quo.

Bala is in his 9th year of stunting and I respect him. He is a young icon and worth celebrating. I enjoyed shooting with him, it was daring as well. Plus hey, I had a chance to experience the rush, how it feels to ride on a high powered dirt bike and it’s a hell of rush.

We made these images with passion and we hope you enjoy them. And the next time you see Bala and his kind on the highway, just pull to the sides and enjoy their show, these fellas are no menace to society, they are just bunch of passionate daredevils with an itch to impress.


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