The Full Circle Story: From The Colorful Busses To the Sunset On The Yellow Bus

This set of images is impromptu, or should I say came out of making good of situations. Long exposure images always fascinate me and most exciting when making them myself. The intent actually was to go make long exposure images at the newly built Kwame Nkrumah interchange, catching red tails.

Half way through the journey I realized I had forgotten my tripod (I think I have a fair idea why that happened) but I wasn’t going back, besides, I’ve already paid two troski fares.

I wasn’t really sure on what to do when I got to my destination. Street photography is a tricky thing, folks are not too nice when you pull out a camera and start taking pictures. I walked few meters from the bus stop to the railway crossing, crossed the road, walked under the overpass and got a seat at a pedestrian crossing. My time there resulted in these images.

I think I have used up this spot and I got to get moving. Its rush hour and people will make an interesting subject but I wasn’t ready for any confrontation, so I sidelined that idea.

At this point, I was leaning on the walls of the interchange’s lorry park then these colorful busses caught my attention. These colorful rickety busses driving pass nice buildings.

Wait a minute, I have a telephoto lens and these fellows in orange have attention now. The fellows in orange actually were maintenance workers who were wrapping up for the day, swapped my lens and this happened.

And yes there was these bike dudes too. Can’t tell where they were going but I bet there was money involved and they can’t wait to get get there.

I wasn’t sure if I was satisfied with the images I’ve made, but the sun was going down and I wasn’t going to be of any good use without my tripod. This time of the day is always beautiful – when it’s clear. The sunset hue, the beautifying shade and you can’t miss it when it falls on a yellow bus.

The circle story (12 of 12)


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