Check Out These Awesome Night Photographs From Somewhere In Accra

I know a couple of photographers have shuttered the beautiful parts of Accra but you know, it only gets better. I took my glass for a night spin on the Liberation road and i guess the images I got are pretty awesome.

I call this first set “Contrast”. You see the hawkers buried in the image? That show the contrasting lifestyle that exist in the city.

The next set is “Over and Under”. As the moon brightens the sky, electricity takes care of the under.

“From a Distance”, A police officer is putting the traffic in check. I had a confrontation with him, i will tell you about that later.

Can you see the “Ghost”?in

Red means stop, yellow means get ready, green means go go go and go!

Traffic LightTraffic Light

Now to the police I was telling you about. From a distance I realized he will make an interesting element a photograph so I got closer to make a photo. When the officer saw me setting my tripod close to him, he asked me to get closer and asked what my intentions were… I told him and he said I should leave him out of whatever I want to do – for my head I said “but you, you know say you be the reason I’m here 😁. Check out  “Police Light”.

Light PoliceLight Police

The “Light Wall”

Light WallLight WallLight Wall

“Done Undone”. Can you figure out why I titled it so.

Done UndoneDone UndoneDone Undone

Now to the bonuses

Shop Right

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