The Conservative Conversation and Social Media

This one has been on my mind and I try to ignore it – but it won’t just go away. Social media is one of human’s greatest creations so far, and has changed our living and made life pretty easy for us. The dark sides exist, but hey – it wouldn’t have been better without it. But the thing that bugs me, why do conservative conversations don’t get attention like the others do?

The definition and synonyms given the conservative ideology itself don’t really sink well with me. plus, I don’t think anybody who posts conservative thoughts on social media for real cares about the likes and sorts – but social media reactions translates to reach and vice versa. All things being equal, the more people see your post, greater the chances of reaction – likes, share, comments… and the more reactions you get means a lot of people have seen your post.

So is it that people just don’t care or someone is blocking the message from reaching them?

When I say conservative, I mean the left wing and the right wing combined – but not the folly centrism. When I say conservative, I don’t mean the double standard and extremist ideologies being propagated by politicians in America, Europe and other parts of the world.

I mean as much as the priority is protecting your culture, economy and things of interest, you should still be able to tolerate other cultures. Trade with honor and integrity with others and accord respect to other peoples interests. I believe for the center to hold, the left and the right wing must function together – for the center will fall should either or both fail.

Well the social media guys claim they have no hand it, and that it is a leveled playing field… so that leaves the scary part – that people just don’t care. People don’t care about the injustice, people don’t care about the economic and cultural imperialism going on, people don’t care about the environmental sacrileges, people don’t care about the human right of millions being violated by the very same people tasked to protect them… that  people just don’t care about people.

No, I don’t want to believe that. People care about people and I believe they are just victims of circumstances. I think people want to love each other and people want to be at peace, they are just too busy trying to live.

Balanced information will awaken them to ask the right questions and demand the right things from authorities and their governments. Life becomes better, mind is at rest and peace prevails.

The human race has come far and I believe we are at our optimum level. We now have trains traveling at lightning speed, we communicate wirelessly, our minds have learnt so much and with the intelligent level of our technology, we can make the world comfortable for every single human. We can make earth the heaven for all without regards to the God/god you worship or the color of your skin.

Anyone who doesn’t care about this or blocking this message from reaching the people, in Bob Marley’s words I say – “when the rain falls, it wouldn’t fall on one man’s house”.



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