From Wli With Beautiful Pictures

This post might be a bit late, but hey, better late than … Hohoe has been like a home for me and during my stay at Bishop Herman College, it was the destination to break some rules with my friends. There was this spot I should have been to but that never happened. So after five years, I decided to do a homecoming during the New Year holiday and visit this spot –oh yes, I’m talking about the Wli waterfalls.

Wli falls is a leisure hot spot located in a green forest surrounded by mountains in the border town of Wli in the Hohoe municipality, and has a water fall cascading at about 75 meters. Reaching the falls itself is a pilgrimage spanning several meters through an ever green forest, crossing eight bridges. One of the things that fascinated me was the fact that the path leading to the falls was created along the stream.

wli waterfalls

Walking through the forest along the long path, and listening to the stream babble as it flows create a serene and therapeutic environment. And if you are the kind of person who pays attention to such details, you will appreciate it.

The falls hasn’t seen much of man made face-lifting – this was disappointing at first, being a pro tourism fella. But I forgot those sentiments after spending some time there, because I realised it provided me with that raw touch of nature. This is not to say a decent toilet, waste disposal system and changing room won’t help.

wli waterfalls

The fall also hosts a bat sanctuary and it only takes some noise to get them feeling the sky – that is if they’re not doing that on their own. When they do, it’s a spectacle.

I couldn’t take a plunge because the harmattan weather got the water icy cold. I dipped my foot in and after five minutes, I started to feel them go numb. The embarrassing part, some kiddos were having a good time in it – you can’t blame me, I hate being cold.

This place is popular for holiday picnics, college and corporate fan trips but I have discovered the best time to enjoy it,  is to go solo or in a very small group… maybe with a few friends. The lesser the number, better the experience.

Hey! Almost forgot, you should try travelling on the beauty road caved through the mountains of Biakpa – it is marvellous. I used the route to Hohoe and trust me, it’s a vista.




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