Lets Make The World Home For All

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, trying to make sense of the wide spread violence, neglect, hate and greed. These things are not new to the human race, they have been with us from genesis, and that’s what makes it more perplexing.  Why can’t humans live in unity and harmony, utilise the rich earth’s resources and share the wealth with equity among all without regard to race, religion, ethnicity or political opinion – or aren’t human beings engineered to live so?

When I watch the news, I see bad history being repeated. People using hate to fight hate or should I say a minority group made of power obsessed people using another small group of desperate, obsessed and greedy people as baits to play a deadly game of power and wealth grabbing – we the majority have always  been the victims of this game over the centuries.

The Whiteman thinks the Blackman is less of human because over the years, the Blackman has been projected to him as a primitive and savage race by his government and the media. He also sees him as a source of his problems, since to him; his government is always giving his tax money to these lazy people – money which should have been used to better his standard of living.

The Blackman either has unqualified admiration for the Whiteman because he is his personal lord and saviour or has great resentment for him because since the time of his ancestors, this man has been the cause of his woes.

I come from Ghana, a western Africa country which is rich in crude, gold, bauxite, silica, salt, diamond, fertile lands with an intelligent and strong human resource base. My country also hosts a lot multinational businesses and corporations who make billions of dollars in profit, yet about 25% of my people can’t afford to spend a dollar a day on food and more than half of our population can’t live on $3 a day. Mind you, this is a country where people own fleets of Range Rovers, Ferraris, Bugatti, private jets and multiple mansions. So you see, you and I are victims of a rigged system engineered to enrich privileged few and we can’t get out of it when we hate each other.

Do you believe in God, or its Allah you call unto? Maybe it’s Buddha or Haile Selassie for you. Regardless what you put your faith in, there is a common believe – a believe that the earth and all things it hold was created by a Supreme Being, so who are you to classify and condemn his creation. Nobody chooses the home they are born into so why do you condemn him because his family’s means of worshipping the Supreme Being defers from yours.

Faith I know is a thing of believe and love. Faith has nothing to do with oppression and hate. Faith is an innate decision and has nothing to with human doctrines – this I believe.  Faith should be used as a tool for unification and we shouldn’t allow people of power to deceive us and use this beautiful gift to divide us.

The human race has evolved so much over the years with many genius inventions, but from the way I see it, the human race hasn’t actually made any progress. We have landed a man on the moon yet millions of our race still die of common diseases like malaria and cholera. We are spending billions of dollars annually trying to land man on an alien planet yet back home, majority of our race live in poverty with people dying from starvation. Millions are being killed so that very few privileged could satisfy their fantasies.

When I watch the news I see bad history being repeated, people using hate to suppress hate, people using violence to quench violence. In the news, after hours, days, weeks, months or years of bombardment and invasion, they say the forces have been able to kill the number 3 leader of the rebel group…sometimes its number one or a group of 10 killed in an air strike. The question I always ask is, so how many families have been left without a home, how many kids left without a father, how many kids left without a mother?

Sometimes I ask how much of a nation’s history have been lost, how much of a families heritage, how many dreams been shattered by these rockets.  They say the wars are for peace and liberation but I see the wars creating a circle of hate which is consuming our race. We are so focused on killing ISIS and we pay no or little attention to what’s forming ISIS… but no matter what you do to the branches of a tree, so long as its roots remain in a fertile soil it will find a way to germinate.

Why do I even care so much, after all I live in a peaceful country and even though things are not rosy, everyday life isn’t a struggle – for me.  But I saw that when Libya fell, it threw the Sahara into chaos…Tuareg’s are displaced and left to die, Mali is feeling the impact, Timbuktu, Morocco, Algeria and Nigeria are all feeling the impact. When Iraq fell, the world felt the impact and because of your governments’ rolls in these fallout… trains got bombed in London, runners were killed in New York and fans were blown up in Paris – that’s the circle of hate and I could go on and on because the full has never been told.

Maybe writing about it will make you start the conversation, a conversation which will inform the next brother or sister that there is war – a war against nature, a war against the human race, a war against our existence…a war being fought in the physical, mental and spiritual. A war you and I are fighting for powers greater than us. A war you and I won’t profit from even if they say we won.

There is abundant crude on earth yet you and I still buy fuel at high prices, technology has advanced yet we still pay high prices to treat common sicknesses and with all the inventions, putting a roof above our heads still is toil.

We are gladiators toiling and fighting to the amusement of very few privileged, helping build their selfish dreams and satisfying their fantasias. But do not despair, there is a silver lining – our fights make the show and there won’t be a show when we seize to fight. It will be of great benefit for us and our children if we seize the fight, focus on unity, ensure equity, respect each other and call to order people destroying us and our environment for their selfish gains.

The course of our world’s history has been determined by war in the past generations, but I pray my generation won’t be under achievers. We have come a long way and won’t receive that cruel mantle which has been passed on from generations. Our world has been made one by the invention of television, telephone, internet and bullet trains.

We want to learn from other cultures, we want to learn new languages, get silly on Instagram, Facebook and Snap Chat. We want to do poetry and art, share ideas on twitter and be superstars on YouTude. We want to travel the world, experience cultures, smoke some weed, take photographs and share them on our blogs. We don’t want to rule or conquer anybody.

But first we must break the chain of hate, do away with the greed and selfish links. We can’t travel the world when there is instability, we can’t be stars online with no audience and the only way to achieve that is through love and tolerance. We won’t be successful when we choose any other way – a wise man said, when you fight to gain something, you’ll have to continue to fight to maintain it and we don’t want to fight anymore.

You and I must ensure that we contribute in whichever way we can to make every corner of our planet feel like home. Lets heal the world and make it a better place.


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