The Conversation On World Peace Hasn’t Began Yet

They hold summits, conferences and general meetings with themes suggesting a course to establish world peace, eradicate poverty and ensure stability across the world– but look around you, that conversation hasn’t actually began yet.

Weapons manufacturing is a commercial venture and to keep this multi billion industry going, demand got to be created to sustain and increase supply . Guns are not like boxes of juice with expiration dates, all they need is a good clean up and oiling, then they will go back to coughing bullets and millions of these non perishable tools of destruction are produced and destruction year in, year out.

The “world’s superpowers” i feel need instability and chaos in resource rich nation to acquire them cheaply or even in some instances for free. They infiltrate relatively stable nations; align with corrupt and greedy officials — preaching the gospel of liberating citizens through their owned media. These interventions always go wrong throwing what used to be stable nations into war zones, killing, displacing and impoverishing millions of civilians who had no say  in the “liberation agreement”.

Displaces victims of war on the street of Accra, Ghana

World bodies in their current state rely on chaos and destruction to stay relevant. War and disaster is an avenue for them, their superiors and NGO partners to make billions through donations, support and relief programs. There have been reports on these activities, but the tune never changed.

The President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer in an interview with Aljazeera recently said, the reason they don’t talk about most of the things they see in the prisons and detention centres at war zones is confidentiality. This to me means, the organisation has confidentiality agreements with offenders to conceal the very crime they are supposed to guard against – to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistance.

He added that if keeping quiet is the only way to keep the communication channels open, then that’s what they will do. So if the Red Cross is unable to undertake the number one duty it been tasked to do, your case will be kept under wraps to protect their share in the war.

Our governments are either made up of corrupt officials, clueless or powerless leaders who have sold themselves and their country cheaply to multinational corporations and Western powers. Even the very few with clean conscience and good intent can’t effect the needed change because, they are either hampered by the rigged system or can’t get a clear view of our problems after being blinded in one eye by decades of mental slavery, religious and cultural imperialism.


The media — television which should be the light in the box is rather being used as a weapon of mass distraction. Owned by benefactors of mayhem, they have over the years primed their agendas and solicited support for their bloody courses across the world. A media which will put a lot of attention on the need for “liberation” to justify the war crimes being committed by their home country, but will  fail to commit the needed attention to the abuses and plights of the citizens when the “liberation” fails — and they always do.

We can’t begin the conversation of achieving world peace, poverty eradication and global citizenship unless we find a way to properly restrict and regulate arms manufacturing and dealings.

Until the “world’s superpowers” take out greed and self interest seeking agendas from their foreign policies and conduct foreign politics with honesty, peace will remain a fleeting illusion.

The world will not know peace until the world bodies turn their right side to issues and crisis around the world. Devoid their operations of corruption and missions geared towards enriching individuals and few privileged families.

Governments of under developed and developing countries must give meaning and respect to their sovereignty by not accepting everything forced on them by those with higher power. They must also know that they owe it as a duty to deliver their citizens from poverty.


We can’t afford to keep mute on these issues, we the people must also take a keen interest in happenings around the world, and we must open our third eye and dig beyond what the media feeds us. We must also call on our governments to do the right thing because when the rain falls, it wouldn’t fall on just one man’s house.  None of us, regardless the strength of our economy and level of civilisation will be safe from the fallouts of these issues — Fulani crisis, Migrant crisis, Civil wars and Terrorism are just the first wave.

Mars and giant space habitats aren’t a solution, but looking at the Sahara as Mars will be a starting point. A world peace conversation can be started when we the people understand that the enemy isn’t the one with a different religious or political opinion, but rather our thoughts and a real change only come by freeing our minds, accepting and tolerating diverse opinions.

I heard on the television that, the earth knows no boundaries and whatever you throw up, goes around it. Lets infect the world with love for peace to reign.




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