Ho; A Place Where Modernisation and Nature Lives In Harmony

Ho is my birth Town and was my home for the most part of my life but until recently, i have never viewed it from this perspective – a view point that revealed the great tourism potentials of the town. Ho is the capital of the Volta Region in Ghana, home to about 100,000 people and hosts one of the nation’s best high schools and University Health and Allied science.

Apart from education and what’s on Wikipedia, Ho sits on a landscape which provides a very serene atmosphere for relaxation. The town is boarded by hills and mountains, notable are the Adaklu Mountain and the Galenukui Mountain.

Students crossing the street at a pedestrian crossing in Ho
Students crossing the street at a pedestrian crossing in Ho

The hills and mountains that surround the town make it a perfect destination for hiking – and there are no boring views at the top. Mount Galenukui which is the closest to the town has a tarred road all the way to the top. The mountain also houses Sky Plus Hotel and the Volta Serene Hotel which provide a splendid view of the town.

The Adaklu Mountain is a silent giant which stands 600 m high above sea level and situated just 12 km away from Ho Township. The mountain is hikable with several routes leading to its peak and guides to aid you.

YouTube: Kobbi Blaq

I love to watch the sunset and Ho has provided me with one of the best picturesque sunsets I’ve seen so far. You can decide to watch the sun set over Mount Galenukui or get on top of the mountain and watch it set over the hills and valley.

Night life is relatively quiet yet buzzing with several bars and pubs. Most of the streets are paved, clean, well lighten and safe for night strolls.

Ho has to offer luxury accommodations, standard and budget hotels to suit whichever demand you have. The township has a high police visibility with day and night patrol teams and checkpoints- so your safety is guaranteed.

Ho is a fast growing town with good road network, soon to be commissioned airport and a reliable transport system, so the next time you want a green place to relax, refresh and enjoy nature whiles still in touch with what the modern world has to offer – you should consider Ho as a destination.


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