In Pictures| My Time With Sedem The Painter

From time I  get the privilege to meet some young fellows who still have dreams despite its high cost – Sedem Dzade Kingsley is one of such people. I was at his home studio last week, we talk about the hustle and of course I took some pictures of him too 😊.


We talked about how he started his painting journey. He started off as a typical talented kid, drawing cartoon characters in jotters  and graduated to be a genius on the canvas after his polytechnic education.

It isn’t easy  being an unsung artist in Ghana, it isn’t a bed of rose for the celebrated ones neither… “I have never sold an art work except for some few private portraits I’ve been commissioned to do” –  Sedem told me. “Sometimes the money people are willing to offer will make you don’t want to sell” he added.


These set backs are no where close to killing the dream because throughout our hardship conversation, Sedem kept saying ” its not about the money”… this is not to say the money is not needed because there are bills to pay and for an artist without any other side job, the money will come handy. He said he gets solace from painting and won’t lay down his brush for a job that pays GHc5,000 a month — how’s that for passion.

People in Ghana admire art but most of them are yet to understand the concept of buying art at a good price making painting one of the most difficult courses to financial success. Artists like Sedem are left with no other choice but to rely on passion and determination until success pays them a visit –this system has killed a lot of good talents.


Art is sentimental, art is beautiful and appealing to the soul. You don’t have to know art to love art, I don’t understand the dynamics of painting but a god piece can steal my thought for some minutes. Anytime you look at a painting you will see something new and it never gets old.

To support and keep talents like Sedem around, you should invest in art –grab a piece any time you can and never say its too expensive😀 is priceless.


Sedem Dzade Kingsley is an artist based in Ghana.


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