In Pictures : Keta’s Beaches Could Be Your Best Picnic Spot

When I typed Keta in my Google Search, I saw nothing inviting me to the beautiful town I just left– yes, I tried searching for Keta online after I had spent an entire weekend there. I’d wanted to see what the internet knows about this lazing hot spot and folks, there’s more to Keta than a good High School, news on the town been ‘‘eaten’’ by sea and the infamous Fort Prinzenstein…the beaches in Keta I think are the best beach picnic spots.

Keta is a historical place not only for the purpose of slavery because according to some accounts, it was the first point of entry for the Europeans into the land of Eʋeawo (Eʋe people)—occupying parts of present day Benin, Togo, Nigeria and Ghana. The lack of a sea defense wall in the past had buried parts of this historic town, destroyed part of the fort and threatened the very existence of Keta itself, evidence of which are the abandoned stores and homes you’ll find lying on the shores and in the town.

These devastations couldn’t drive the people of Keta out of their home and after a sea defense wall was built, they are also rebuilding their home.

I spent about 48 hours in Keta and out of this; I think I was at the beach for more than 36 hours. It was the first place I went to after dropping my bags and spent almost the rest of day there, if not that I went to catch the sunset on the lagoon at the other end of town– in Keta, the sun rises on the ocean and sets on the lagoon. A spectacle you will love and have to experience.

The water in Keta is very clean and void of plastic and other pollutants. It also has a vast sandy shore which makes it a very good spot for holiday escapes/picnics and the roads are tarred all the way to the beach.

I loved every moment I spent on the beach—maybe it’s because I love water but you won’t get full satisfaction from what you love doing if the environment and atmosphere isn’t enabling. Keta’s beaches and lagoon shores provide that quiet and serene atmosphere you need on a weekend or holiday to relax.

To every coin, there are two sides and on the flip side of this coin is an activity taking place on the beaches which I’m not very pleased with. As much as I will hate to talk about this, I have to in order to draw necessary attention to it. This activity is the menace of open defecation.

Though the beaches and water are void of plastics and other garbage, it is a common sight to see residence defecating on the shores. I was told the assemble tried curbing the situation for some time but stopped—I guess they lost interest in the fight since the place was under used but I think they should resume the fight since maybe this post will get you interested in visiting the place.

The next time you and your friends, family or colleagues want to go somewhere, get in touch with nature and relax, Keta is a sure bet.



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