In Pictures: From Lake Bosomtwe With Beauty

Ghana has a lot of beautiful places and recently i had the opportunity to visit one of them. During the weekend i was in Abonu–one of the many communities on the shores of Lake Bosomtwe to cover a history making event. Martin Fodor of the world bank decided to swim across the lake to promote tourism.

Martin Fodor swimming across Lake Bosomtwe in Ghana
Martin Fodor swimming across Lake Bosomtwe in Ghana

Tourism is one of the most eco friendly means for a nation to generate revenue and countries like Spain, United States, Italy, France and China are having a good share of that pie. Ghana over the years has also been trying to stick her finger in the pie. The country has seen some growth in tourism since 2011, growing from 821,000 visits to over a million currently– not an impressive progress considering her tourism potentials but at least she tried. 

Lake Bosomtwe is a special lake, it was formed out of an extraterrestrial activity. Over a million years ago, a meteorite strike created a crater about 81 m (265 ft) deep and about 8.6 km (5.3 mi) in length. Rain water filled the crater over the years and that had resulted in big natural lake surrounded by  green forest hills which is a spectacle.

A view of lake Bosomtwe from the hills
A view of lake Bosomtwe from the hills

The lake side is a beautiful place to be, it’s serene, quite and the resorts, hotels and bars around will always have sometime for you to do. You can watch people swim from the porch of your hotel room at Paradise hotel or take a walk on their lawn and admire the terrain. The Green Ranch has beautiful horses and you can take a ride on them around the lake.

Cocoa Village Guesthouse has some good food and you can even rent a padua and have a cruise on the lake’s traditional transport. My new friend, Sammy Titiati’s Destiny bar on the shore also serves some really chilled beer and he also has a motorboat if you want a cruise on the lake.

I stayed at the Paradise Hotel, had diner at the Cocoa Village Guesthouse, had some beer at Destiny Bar and a boat ride as well. Before leaving i had lunch at The Green Ranch and i enjoyed every single bit of the food, ride, beer, sleep and the whole time i spent there. Lake Bosomtwe is a place to be and Abonu is a good host.




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