#HappyNewYear My Thoughts And Favorite Pictures of 2015

2015 was a good year and a pivotal one too. At the beginning of the year i told myself it was going to be a magical one so i remained optimistic and carried a lot of positive energy through the year and i think it has worked for me, because i have made a lot of progress in my personal life, school and business–cheelgh.com and asak.

A lot has happened in my country too, our economy had a serious set back thus making living conditions unbearable. I keep telling some elderly friends of mine that this was the first time i really felt the impact of the economic situation in the country, i guess i’m growing.

Ghana is facing economic challenges but some good work is being done underground just that most of these effort a being seriously hampered by poor governance— and i don’t mean politics but institutions that controls the system. There have been a lot of misplaced priorities in these institutions manned by self interest seeking authorities who a engulfed in the flame of corruption…but hey, some work has been done and the evidence can been seen on some streets of Accra. I pray the new year will see a change in the trend of development to shift Ghana from a consumer state to a producer state.

My photography skills has been sharpened in the past year, thanks to an encounter i had with Nana Kofi Acquah—one of Ghana’s finest photographers. Meeting  him was one of the important and notable things that has happened in 2015, he taught me the science aspect of photography and straightened my art knowledge. The quality of photographs i make changed immensely and I have made beautiful pictures in 2015, my most favorite was the pictures i took of Grammy Awards nominee Rocky Dawuni when he hosted a concert at Alliance Française in Accra.


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I think 2016 is going to be another exciting year and it did start on a pretty interesting note for me last night. I look forward to bigger opportunities and i hope to capitalize on them to push my career forward. I am going to stay positive as i did in the previous year because i have come to understand the power of positive thinking—it helps you rip benefits outs of bad situations and also does help keep your blood pressure down.

I stopped making new year resolutions because i think they hold you back, puts you in a box and makes you pessimistic…this is not to say i don’t have targets i hope to achieve in 2016, but am keeping them open and willing to change them and focus on other things should the need arise.

I thank God and the powers that watches overs me, my family, friends, school mates, fans–that is if i have one and all those who played a part in my 2015 life….i know most of them won’t be reading this post but i got to acknowledge them.

I wish u happy new year, and i hope u have a productive and a prosperous 2016 and don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any service needs that i can render—in that case i mean, branding, online advertisement, photography or any business idea you wish to develop.



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