No Sex Before Marriage In The New Age

One rule that knows no religious or ethnic barrier is fornication. Every one regardless the name you call your God is expected to get married before they bite the apple. We are all expected to marry as virgins but how feasible is that in the age of smart cars and smart phones.

If you tell a little boy some 150 years ago to stay away from sex till he gets married?… he will gladly obey because he knows as soon as he hits puberty and capable of producing sperms, he will get a piece of land from his grandfather and get married to that beautiful girl who just had her first period—but that isn’t the case for the 21st century kid.

We have discovered that we need to spend less time on the field and invest our time, energy and money in an enclosed environment trying to understand and perfect theories proposed by some dead drunk bearded follows…that we spend almost half of the time we are expected to live doing.

The pretty girl today won’t get married to the boy because he has a piece of land and a hut of his own, so the boy got to spend some extra time securing his financial future if he doesn’t want to share his wife with the other guy.

By the time he finished securing the future, he has done about 29 years off the life he has—that is if he is lucky… i am no human biology expect but i know with my elementary knowledge that when we hit adolescence, our body begins to brew all sort of chemicals which makes us sexually active and and it gets stronger with time. So now tell me, what do you expert me to do with all that sexual energy?


The girl has also come of age, developed and sexually active– and from experience they also need that thrashing bad *wink- but am not allowed to give that since i can’t pay the bride price.

Maybe it would have been easier if i had no physical evidence of sexuality which is impossible in the age of MTV, E, BET and the internet, an era where laddies wear bikini in drinking water adverts— wait! take my LED tv and iphone, but what happens when i have my first wet dream… now i become aware of that holy grail called ejaculation, then the quest to understand and make it happen whiles i am conscious begins–we can’t cheat nature.

I think it isn’t an obligation anymore to get married as a virgin…not in the world we have created for ourselves and i think all the Gods will understand.

P.S: Where was the marriage ceremony between Adam and Eve held?


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