The First Date.

This was actually our real first date and she was sited by my right holding a big coconut while i sip on coke and water….then i asked what makes her happy -“i just make an effort to be happy…i just have to be happy” she stressed.

Then she went to tell me what she once heard someone say – “so what really makes people happy, because when you are poor you think when get money then you become happy, but the rich knows money does not make you happy” “so for me i don’t think its material things that make you happy, i think you just have to decide to be happy and make an effort towards that” she said smiling while she focused on a groups guys somersaulting from a distance.

So i picked up my camera and told her i was going to take pictures of the guys, since they were the reason why we started this whole conversation at the first…




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