Does Public Nudity Really Depict Indecency and Immorality.

Over the past few days i had notice a trend on Facebook—people share posts or website links carrying news on naked protesters or some nudist freedom movement kind of thing and the comments usually left under them are those trying to tell how immoral and indecent it is.

Some even go to the extreme…saying it signifies that the world is coming to an end…hahaha— yes it is really funny when i see such comments. If public nudity was a signal for the world coming to an end, then it should have ended some 4000 years ago…maybe even before then.

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I am no prophet and i have no idea when the world will end… but i know for a fact that people going naked on the street, does not signify that the world is coming to an end, because should that be the case–God would have made man and woman in clothes …that is if you believe in the creation story or humans would have come into existence on Earth in clothes, but that wasn’t the case– we came to this planet BUTT naked.

For me i think its hypocritical when people do that– try to judge people who go naked in public….fact — i was born in an era where people wear clothes in public, and i wouldn’t subscribe for myself to go naked in public unless i have no other option ofcos… but that does not give me any mandate to judge or call others who feel comfortable doing that names.

Its choice, so let people who feel comfortable going butt naked on the street– go butt naked….and if you don’t feel comfortable looking at it –look elsewhere and pass….but if you are interested, you can take a peep, admire and LET GOD BE!…he’s got better things to do.


We humans have evolved over the years from hunting and gathering to flying and building Skyscraper, the age of being naked in public has passed and showing your genitals in public makes the greater proportion of people living on earth uncomfortable…so please if you can, please put on some clothes the next time you go out.


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