True Love.


Hello, this is my first post and i want to talk about love— yes I know it will surprise people who know me in person and that’s me, am unpredictable. Well enough of the me story because that’s not why am writing this–I want to talk about true love.

I think there is anything like true, which is false love?–it’s either love or hate and every love when felt is true. You don’t always need a reason to love someone and love need not last forever to be true, because to me true love could be felt in a minute and the next its gone.

First of all I must say I don’t believe in what they call infatuation. They say it is– An intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone, so the question I ask is, does the short in this definition makes the passion and the admiration different from what we feel when we are in love?….I think you the answer to that question.

I know most people think you only find true love when you meet that one person, fall in love with each other and spend the rest of your life’s together.– cliché.

You shared true love with that high school lover to whom you wrote letters or in some instances spent all night talking to…..but he/she later dumped you for a colleague or a college guy. Why do I say that?

This is because all you could think about when you were with her was to hold her, kiss her, tell her you love her many times as you can, wish him nothing but the best and make future plans together. How untrue is that?

One thing we should all know is that love, just like any other thing including the life we live does not last forever and it is subjected to change as well.

Your high school girl left you because her love changed or died out like the candles we lit during those romantic moments. But does that mean all the letters, calls, plans and promises were untrue? If your answer is yes then my good friend you were never in love.

You will never lie to the one you love nor will you ever wish them bad, so if you ever lie to someone you love for your selfish interest, then am sorry you never loved them.

One thing we always forget is that love does not always have to be mutual, even the dictionary definition of love never made mention of mutual. To love is to give without expecting back, and there’s no way you will feel unloved when you are in love.

I read an article on where they tried to make a case on the existence of this true love thing. The author broke down the whole true love concept into three parts–Passion, Intimacy and Commitment. Well am yet to see any love which lack any of these three components.

We should stop this whole classification of love thing because there is only one love and its either that or resentment.

I think if you embrace the idea of love not lasting forever, try to enjoy every moment of it when it’s around and prepare ourselves to let go when it dies out, we will have a reduction in the number suicides, murder, depression and create more room for love,peace and unity.

People don’t have to be scared or develop phobia for relationships because they lost love. Life is beautiful and love is nice and if you lose something nice, you get another one.

We must know soul mates  do not come by through miracles or magic, but rather they are made. A soul mate is the person to whom we are ready to sacrifice and give all to be with because they make us happy.

These  are my thoughts and am legally allowed to express them –well if you think i didn’t make any sense with am saying let me know but if you agree…….well let me know as well.-


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